We understand the importance of protecting your private information and data. We work hard every day to ensure that we continually improve our security.

Security &  Your Data Privacy

How We Keep You Safe

Encrypted Data during upload, download and at rest

All Of Your Data Is Kept Confidential

Eliminate Submission Risks

Two-factor authentication for database access

Fingerprint authentication for database access

Complex Passwords

Page Level Encryption

Encrypted Security Printing

SecureDoc5 Runs on AWS


"Securing your life, one document at a time"

  • White collar crime costs upwards of $600 billion dollars every year.

  • Much of that total is associated with fraudulent activity involving legal documents.

  • Information on wills, trusts, stock certificates, contracts and agreements are altered.

  • Millions of dollars are spent on legal fees to dispute altered documents.

  • SecureDoc5 offers a complete portfolio to technologies to help you secure and protect your personal documents and data.

  • We can secure every sheet in every document with page-level encryption and can verify  that it is authentic.