The Ultimate Platform in Document Security.

Fraud involving legal documents cost Americans billions of dollars every year in lost business or property. Your important documents are one of the most vulnerable assets. Nobody ever thinks that a family member would every take your Will or Trust and change it, but it happens all of the time.

Legal document fraud emotionally affects those victimized by it and each year in the United States those victims incur additional millions of dollars in legal fees and court costs in attempting to obtain redress.

Now there is an affordable way to protect all of your important documents: SecureDoc5 Document Security Technology. The SecureDoc5 technology places hidden document identification codes onto every page of your document that can be identified and authenticated if ever questioned, making your document fraud proof. We store a copy of your protected document in our 5-layer security database. Your document can now be verified and authenticated. If your document is ever lost, stolen or destroyed in a flood, fire or any natural disaster, we have a process to reissue and recertify your document using that copy of your protected document.

SecureDoc5 provides you with peace of mind, knowing your important documents are always safe and secure. Learn more about our features and benefits at, email us at or phone at 912-432-3832.

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