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We have a team of Forensic Document and Forensic Paper Examiners available to assist with any disputed or questioned document. Our Authentication Services will guide you through the legal process to replace and recertify any lost, stolen or destroyed document.

We have a legal team to guide you through the strict legal process of reissuing and recertifying any document that is lost, stolen or destroyed in a natural disaster. Your new document will be legally binding, replacing the original.

Document Authentication

​ScanRite Paper ID Technology 

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I'm singing the praises of Paper Forensics! They understand paper! They were very diligent in helping me understand paper on a more scientific level. I love that they have a heart of a teacher. They were professional and responsive and answered all my questions. If I am ever in need of their expertise again, I would not hesitate to reach out to them. I will also be recommending them to my fellow colleagues.

Dianne Peterson, CFDE
Forensic Document Investigations


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How do you tell if there is a substituted sheet?

Substituted sheets are a common method of fraud used to alter or modify Wills & Estate Documents and are difficult to identify.

Substituted Paper Sheeet

Easy with ScanRite Paper ID Technology

We apply exclusive technology and techniques to quickly and easily identify substituted sheets. We can identify paper from different suppliers and different manufacturers.

ScanRite Paper ID Spectral Graph

Applying Science to Forensics

We set up tolerances based on a known sheet of paper and compare it to a questioned sheet, resulting in a quick Pass/Fail test.

ScanRite Paper ID graph
Exclusive Forensic Technology