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Securing your documents with 5 layers of encryption technology.
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We are your legal document protection service.

What is SecureDoc5 Technology?
  • Our Patent-Pending SecureDoc5 Technology is a legal document security system that integrates a 5-layer anti-fraud protection process that places hidden encrypted document identification codes within your legal document, protecting it from fraudulent activity.
  • SecureDoc5 Technology protects your printed and electronic documents from being altered or reproduced with the hidden document identification codes that identify it as the original.
  • Every page's encryption is unique and traceable.
  • We offer eSignatures through DocuSign & Adobe Sign.
  • Our SecureDocDocument Verification Service can inspect and verify if your questioned document is the original by comparing it to the copy of your document that is permanently stored on our secure servers and its encrypted identification codes.
  • Our SecureDoc5 Document Recovery Service allows the legal replacement and re-certification on any questioned, lost, stolen or damaged document.
  • Our SecureDoc5 Technology gives you peace of mind that your legal document is permanently protected against any fraudulent activity or loss.
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SecureDoc5   is an innovative platform specializing in document security.


We offer breakthrough technologies in document identification, security paper, security inks and encrypted printing to protect your documents against fraudulent activity or loss due to theft and natural disasters.

We offer peace of mind, knowing your document is forever safe and can always be authenticated.

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